Aumento do pénis - métodos que funcionam e garantem resultados

Aumento do pénis - métodos que funcionam e garantem resultados

So you are planning to buy Titan Gel online because someone ensure you about the results. Also the Titan Gel products reviews across all online sites are quite encouraging and definitely gives you ideas about buying and trying one for yourself. But does that really works? And is it enough? There are a few other things that can be done about it.


Let’s start with enlargement exercises. There are a few exercise programs can help in enhancing and controlling blood flow to this organ. So when you follow exercise program for few days the tissues would start getting larger and stronger. Application of gels like Titan gel can be an add-on in that. A natural penis enlargement exercise schedule would play a crucial role in safe penis enlargement and provide you with better satisfaction. So, here are some exercises that you can give a try to:


  1. Stretching: For this, you will need to warm up first and then start by retracting your foreskin while holding our phallus firmly. It wouldn’t be discomforting and painful in the beginning. Pull it out as much as possible till you don’t feel pain. Hold it there for 20-30 seconds and then rest for 5 seconds if required. Repeat the step 2-4 times but next time try to pull it upwards towards your belly button. Next time, pull it towards your knee then right, left and take some time for cooling it down.


  1. Thumb Stretcher: This one also needs to begin with warm up followed by foreskin retraction while holding the phallus from behind firmly. Pull it outward without any pain or discomfort. Use the other hand for placing a thumb at the base of penis and then start with pressing thumb down towards your knees. Try to pull in both directions at the same time with sufficient force to feel painless stretching inside shaft. Keep it still for 20-30 seconds and rest for 5 seconds before repeating it. Repeat it for 2-7 times in one session just keep changing the spot of thumb placement.


  1. Backward Puller: This one also needs to begin with warm-up phase and retract foreskin. Now place your thumb over the top of the shaft an inch behind glans. Place all other fingers over both hands on bottom end of shaft for support. Next, pull the skin on top of penis with thumbs in direction of your own body. Use sufficient force for painless stretch as well as tension in shaft.

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